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Capitalizing on
proven best
practices to create


Our attention to planning drives results. With no surprises.

Critical to a project’s success is the preconstruction phase and is when the foundation of project communication and process is laid out. vision.

MKM achieves exceptional accuracy by providing clients with cost estimates in the early phases of a project. Using integrated tools, we are able to arrive at viable solutions that maximize functional and operational goals within the design. We understand that meeting the design intent is of critical importance to our design teams and clients alike.


Utilizing the tools available and knowing how to use them. From estimating to communication, we employ a number of solutions to make effective decisions with respect to cost, performance and schedule. Aided by the use of these technologies, we use the data to not only perform but to learn and adapt as projects proceed.

We know technology and how to increase efficiency using it. Smartly.

We keep our eye on the ball. Plan the work and work the plan.


With the use of our online platform, digital takeoff programs and up-to-date costing, we provide accurate cost plans for projects of all sizes. By utilizing our vast knowledge base and extensive trade relationships, we’re able to derive cost plans with great accuracy. The use of BIM in the early stages assists in the creation of accurate cost plans and estimates that ultimately transition into our construction budget.


An upgrade to what was formerly known as ‘Value Engineering’ we employ a targeted design model. In today’s market it is increasingly expensive and difficult to build. MKM offers its clients the opportunity to pursue a value design process to achieve the appropriate scope, design and budget.

No surprises. We build what we say we will.

We capitalize on
proven best
practices to create


The Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a shift from the norm, born out of the need to cure the problems of the design-bid-build process where broken budgets and schedules are the cause of many disputes and uncomfortable situations for clients and contractors alike. The IPD approach places all parties into one entity where transparency rules all and opportunities and risks are shared. By integrating people, systems and cultures into a process IPD optimizes project results and maximizes efficiency throughout all phases of the project. With an integrated team, schedule and budget outcomes are incredibly reliable!


Our construction management process is one that is communication based. Transparent communication from the onset of engagement is key to project success. Our process will drive results. We plan, collect data and implement continuous improvement on all sites. MKM learns from its projects, clients and stakeholders in order to deliver results consistently.

A smooth ride
means that MKM
is sensitive to
your needs.

Clients want what nobody else has.


As the project transitions into the warranty period MKM works in collaboration with the project team to ensure all documentation is handed off to the client. It is the seamless transition from construction to occupancy that sets our projects apart from others. Our team takes the time to work with our clients through building start-up and installations of end user equipment.